Pop-up Menus

& Events

By the Chili Basil family

Wed - Fri : 12 - 2 PM

Sun : 12 - 2 PM & 5 - 8 PM

Fall 2023

Zizzle - Thai BBQ Plate

Chili Basil Classics - Most Popular Dishes

Communal Meal - Cooking Party

What’s poppin’?

After 15 years in business, our family’s restaurant is launching popup dishes and events for

the community.

...and as a space to host your own!


Zizzle is Thai BBQ chicken over rice. Mom has been making it for as long as we can remember.

It’s now available for you to try as a limited-time popup menu item!

Food Trivia

Grab your food-loving friends to taste, smell, and bluff your way to victory.

Join for a fun time with everything food-related!

Host Your Events

Our family is offering our small venue as a gathering place to build community. Host your book club, game nights, dinner parties, networking nights, etc. in our intimate space.

Free for eligible groups and gatherings.

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The Family

It takes a village to reimagine

the future of Chili Basil

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